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Topics I've Started

  1. My Final Farewell

    Posted 5 Jun 2008

    Well, it seems many things are changing for me. First, I did something that I thought I never would have, and second, I now give my final farewell to the UBCD4Win community. The key members of the project already know this, if they even read their PMs from me anymore, but I thought I'd let everyone else know as I have other friends out there.

    I started out here just wanting to help by mirroring the download file, way back when the project was only a couple months old. I then became a key part of the project, helping it's development and becoming friends with the owner, Steel, and others. I then also became much interested in creating a unique driver pack, just for the UBCD4Win and maintaining that along with helping others in the forum and the BartPE community in general.

    Over the years, my part in being involved with the project, other than just on the forums, has dwindled to almost nothing. I barely keep up on the drivers pack, which is now just limited to network drivers only, and most of the time, all of the new key members of the project help with all questions made on the forums before I even have a chance to read them. I've thus somewhat lost touch with the UBCD4Win, other than still maintaining my original request, which is to mirror the download whenever a new version is available.

    Obviously, without these new key people here, developers, programmers, and the like, the project wouldn't be what it is today, and I thank them greatly for their support and time spent. But those who I used to talk to a lot, those who I called friends, are not so much anymore, and mainly because of some wrong I've done to them in the past. It made me lose my Mod status, among other things, and I've always felt ashamed and at the same time disappointed, as I never wanted it to be like it is now. Up until a few days ago, I thought most of that stuff was in the past and that we could move on, but it seems I was wrong. And now, it seems there's no going back and no way to fix things and make them right.

    But that's not the whole point of my leave here and I'm not here to do any further wrong. My life is just changing, time is becoming much more limited, and for me, it's just time to move on to other things. I feel sad for my decision and for how everything has ultimately turned out, but it is my decision and it must be done, and hopefully in my absence, there wont be any more worries about me being here and what I'll do next.

    I thank everyone here for your support and kindness and only wish the best for the community and the project as a whole. Who knows, maybe I'll see some of you around. :)


  2. Help me test new downloads server

    Posted 19 Apr 2008

    Hello all. If anyone has a few minutes to help me test my new downloads server, I would appreciate it greatly. Basically, all you need to do is go to my downloads site ( http://downloads.littlbuger. info ), pick any file, download it, and let me know how well it transferred for you (how fast and whatnot). My new server should be on a dedicated non-shared 100Mbit line so speeds should be significantly improved. I also have 10 TB bandwidth to use now so no worries there. Thanks for your help. :)
  3. Overclocking Madness!

    Posted 4 Apr 2008

    I am the master of overclocking! Behold! My screenshot showing proof of concept of how I overclocked my 2.2 Ghz system to over 44 Ghz!


    I challenge someone to beat that (without editing their screenshot!)!


    NOTE: Those of you who are keen enough to spot the subtle hint in the picture may know what's really going on here...

  4. Patches and such

    Posted 25 Feb 2008

    Hello all. I know that even though we have the ability (at least I think we still do) to do small patches to the UBCD4Win, we really have not done so for a very long time. And I've just noticed that since recently, we've been doing 'small' updates to the main download and just re-packing the whole thing and thus forcing people to re-download the large file. Why not try to get back into the patch groove unless there IS a 'major' change? I was just curious if we were waiting for something else or just didn't want to bother or what? Thanks. :)
  5. File Downloader command line help

    Posted 12 Feb 2008

    Hello. I'm not sure who here deals with the batch files that call the download.exe program to download definition updates and whatnot, but for anyone who has experience with this, I'm curious... does it allow wildcards? So say, I wanted to download multiple files from a FTP site, only certain ones. So like the site has the following:



    But I only want to download the files starting with 'file1'. Can I do a wildcard such as 'file1*.exe'? I haven't been able to figure it out if it's even possible. Thanks. :)

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