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  1. In Topic: Driveimage Xml Restore Issue

    Posted 17 Sep 2010


    hecking in explorer it's like the partition has been created but is not formatted/logical drive not setup?

    From what i noticed with earlier versions of DIXML, it does not format the space. You have to format and make the partition bootable (if thats what you want) and then restore the files. Unless things changed over the past 2 years since i last used this program.
  2. In Topic: Unexpected Error When Activiating Ubcd4Win

    Posted 12 Aug 2010

    Since you received RED during the memtest then it is definitely bad memory. Now since you have 512 it is a question of whether its both sticks of ram (if its 2- 256MB) or just one. I would suggest taking one stick out and running the test and then repeat with the other stick in only to determine if one or both the sticks are bad. Once you know then replace the bad memory or you can even run XP on 256MB of ram so if only one stick is bad and you are low on money you can probably live with just one 256 MB stick in there.

    ** i wanted to paste a Memtest bad memory screen here just so we are all on the same page about if your memory is bad. If you see the red bars similar to this screenshot then its bad memory.
    http://i.ytimg.com/v... aIH3zACdw/0.jpg
  3. In Topic: Unexpected Error When Activiating Ubcd4Win

    Posted 7 Aug 2010

    Have you run the memtest options in the boot menu? Let them run for about 10 to 15 minutes and if any red appears or if the stats look wrong (reports only 512 of RAM and you know there is 1 GB) then its the memory.

    Did you use an XP CD or was it a Dell/HP XP cd?
  4. In Topic: Possibly Bad Power Supply?

    Posted 27 Jul 2010

    Good advice. I would agree that the mobo is fried and i don't think it was the Power Supply either as the fan never even spun up. My power supply in my desktop (the 350W) was getting old (5 years) and the fan made a grinding noise every once in awhile so i'm fine with a brand new 400W power supply now so its not fully wasted.

    I've never built a PC so i don't consider myself hardware efficient so i was just flying on common sense and well, i learned my lesson sort of.
  5. In Topic: Looking To Create Multi Boot Plugin For Erd Cd

    Posted 15 May 2010

    Well i apologize, i thought as long as it was an ISO it would boot.......not anything special. I've booted plenty of other ISO with no change but i have not tried ERD (i don't have DART so can't test that).

    BCDW ISO Example:


    \Images\ SeaToolsDOS213bEURO.ISO ; Seatools Harddrive Test for DOS V2.13b ; ^ Runs Harddrive Test for Seagate and Maxtor Drives

    Grub4Dos booting a 700 meg ISO:


    title Win7RE (iso boot)
    map (hd0,0)//Images/WinRE.iso (hd32)
    map --hook
    chainloader (hd32)

    What makes ERD or DART so different/special that it doesn't work like a typical ISO? I only have ERD 2005 but i can test it out on Monday with the Grub4Dos i have on my USB and see whats up....i'm interested now if you all are telling me its not as simple as above.

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