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  1. Possibly Bad Power Supply?

    Posted 26 Jul 2010

    So this is a fairly interesting issue i've run into. Friends computer blew out during a storm, i took apart the power supply and saw a blown capacitor. Didn't know if anything else is bad so i took my 350w Power Supply and booted the computer up to the desktop with no issue. I went out that day (today) and purchased a similar 400W power supply (it originally had a 400w) but it would not turn on the PC which made me think it was a bad power supply right out of the box. Turns out the motherboard is a ATX version 1.2 that needs the -5VDC white pin but its not on this power supply, this new power supply worked on my desktop.

    So since the new power supply works on my desktop and MY power supply worked on this older PC i just swapped them. Now my power supply in this older PC will power it up (fans spin, lights turn on) but i get no display and no POST beeps. Basically the Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock all stay lit up with nothing happening.

    I've tried removing the CMOS battery for 20 minutes. I've tried booting PC up with no RAM in. I've tried pressing power button multiple times with no AC adaptor to drain it. I've tried powering on the computer with the 4 pin CPU cable disconnected (with same results of keyboard lights on but no display). Unsure of what the problem is. Its not the power supply as i've retested it in my computer and it still works and this power supply did boot up this older computer once before so........

    I will say that the newer power supply that is missing the -5VDC pin i did have plugged into this older computer and i tried to power it multiple times (got no fans or lights or anything so thats when i investigated further and found out the whole ATX v1.2 versus ATX v1.3 issue). Do you think that i destroyed the mother board even though this newer power supply never powered on the system (or even its own fan) and simply because its missing that one -5VDC pin?
  2. Windows Vista And 7 Multi Monitors

    Posted 18 Mar 2010

    So in Windows XP with multiple monitors you will see the CTRL ALT DEL screen on the primary display and the blue background continued on the secondary display. In Vista and Windows 7 you see the CTRL ALT DEL screen on the primary display but the secondary display is a ALL BLACK background. WHY?? This is on all vista and windows 7 machines i've seen hooked up to multiple monitors so it seems like Microsoft has changed something with there WINLOGON.exe to only display on one monitor and then black on the secondary? This is very strange and i tried googling it but got nowhere. Anyone have a clue why this is or how to "hack" it to display the background across both monitors?

    To clarify incase there is more questions, once logged in no issue and during bootup you get a display on both monitors. Its just the CTRL ALT DEL screen which is ok on one but all black on the secondary while XP never had this quirk.
  3. Ubusb Utility

    Posted 16 Oct 2009

    I've been doing the old fashioned manual way of setting up the UBUSB (with the win2k3 files and all) and thats worked out fabulous for me before. Just last week i decided to give the UBUSB utility a shot.........THANK YOU. That utility is amazing. I figure you guys hear this a million times but i'll be a million and one :)

    The UBUSB tool is the best method of creating that USB drive and the Virtual Machine option added to it is perfect, it allows me to know it works without having to constantly unplug the USB and plug it in another machine to modify the boot menu with my custom iso's for HDD tests.

    You guys did an awesome job with UBUSB. Thank You !!!
  4. UBCD4Win Mentioned

    Posted 22 Feb 2009

    http://lifehacker. co...e-best-live-cds

    Congrats on being a best live cd :)You guys had my vote.
  5. Windows 7 Beta through Jan 24th

    Posted 11 Jan 2009

    Incase some of you, like me, stayed up all Thursday night and through Friday hoping to get Windows 7 Beta only to have the Microsoft servers crash and be down the whole day...there is a second chance. Microsoft wised up and said 2.5 million only is too little so they made it unlimited licenses till Jan 24th. Grab away my friends, i got mine on Saturday but haven't had time to throw it on a VM yet. Enjoy.

    http://windowsteambl... e-we-stand.aspx

    BTW, its IE downloads only from what i hear....i had to use IE to grab it but it includes a great download manager incase download is interrupted so good on Microsoft for that since its 2.5 GB.

    Download link: http://www.microsoft... dows/windows-7/

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