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  1. In Topic: Not Working On Windows 7 Pc

    Posted 5 Jan 2011

    if it is HP it uses pcangle to recover
    F11 to access Recovery Manager on start up (power up)

    regards Ben
  2. In Topic: Works With Wni7?

    Posted 13 Dec 2010

    hello again,
    you can use Avira rescue boot CD
    http://www.avira.com... r-rescue-system
    use imgBurn.exe to burn the ISO to a CD-R
    regards ben
  3. In Topic: Usb_Prep8 - Petousb

    Posted 6 Dec 2010

    Hello again,
    here is a DIY way of doing it:

    here is how to make what is on this bootable CD (Win7 PE)into a bootable USB memory stick drive.
    http://neosmart.net/... m-repair-discs/

    making a USB bootable memory stick drive

    for Vista PE or Windows7 PE

    use diskpart in win7 or vista as it is different to XP diskpart
    boot in with win7 PE bootable CD
    insert the memory stick
    on command prompt type:
    you get

    DISKPART>list disk
    Disk ## status size free DYN DPT
    -------- ------- ----- ------ --- ----
    Disk 0 online 149GB 86BG

    Disk1 online 1968MB 0B

    the memory stick is disk 1

    DISKPART>select Disk 1
    Diskpart>create partition primary
    Diskpart>select partition 1
    DISKPART>format fs=fat32 label="windos7 PE" QUICK

    you will now have a partitioned and formatted USB flash drive

    all which is left is to copy the content of the ISO folder in WAIK (or cotent of bootable win7PE)
    to USB drive.
    use A43 file manager to check the drive letter mine was F:

    XCOPY C:\PE\WINPE_X86\ ISO\*.* F: /e /h /f

    e-copy directory and sub-directory even empty ones
    h- copy hiddenand system files
    f display full source destination file names while copying

    Note you will have to set your PC BIOS to boot from a USB drive.

    Regards Ben
  4. In Topic: Sql Odbc Setup

    Posted 30 Nov 2010

    hello again ,
    UBCD4win CD
    got a software called SIW.exe
    use that one and it will give you all information about your system.
    including all internet passwords .
    Majority of people using UBCD4WIN are hardware engineers I doubt if
    they are fluent with MS Visual Basic or ODBC .
    Regards Ben
  5. In Topic: Heeeelp!

    Posted 19 Nov 2010

    you seem to take lots of risk with your data have you baked them up ?

    any way C: is where windows OS is living (used to live)
    and d: is the partition where the recovery image usually lives .
    at boot up you press a function key or a key combination such as F10 or F11 or F8
    and that makes the partition D: to boot and giving you a menu to restore to manufactured setting.
    from UBCD4WIN go to command line and type
    CHKDSK /R C:
    and press enter
    there is a slim chance that you might recover the NTFS partition.
    if not boot with Partedmagic boot disk or UBANTU live and use disk parted from there
    and see if you see your partitions
    and if you do then flag D: (the recovery partiion as active)
    and save changes and reboot.
    Regards Ben

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