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  1. tested Version 3.5 twice

    Posted 10 Jul 2009

    2 days ago I downloaded the UBCD4Win twice and after verification .
    compiled it with XP home SP2 without changing or updating a thing.
    I found it was not booting in one of my computers saying run chkdsk etc ....
    but was booting on another PC OK ,
    then tried the UBCD4win 3.11 3.3 the previous and the one previous to that and both
    booted ok in both system.
    so I concluded that the 3.5 is fragile .
    and decided to stick to the previous versions until dust settels down
    there is so much stuff in there god knows where the bug originated from .
    hope you bright guys will sort things out .
    your previous version was perfect why change ??
    good luck for the future
    Regards Ben
  2. PEtoUSB wifi drivers can I copy add to USB

    Posted 2 Jan 2009

    Hello Again,

    I recently used the tool PEtoUSB(by Rich Burnham FRom GOcoding.com
    http://gocoding.com/... .php?al=petousb

    to put the UBCD4win from a bootable CD to my 1GB usb
    memory stick .
    it boots OK and it is a great tool.
    and I used the rest of the space to install Portable apps .

    http://portableapps.... _a_portable_app

    with open office on it and I found that by copying a folder of any application from C:\program files
    and dropping it in the systen folder ot portable apps on the memory stick the
    portable apps menu gets configured Auto and runs the program OK from the memory stick not the hard drive.

    any way my question is can I copy and paste the drivers for wifi to drivers\net directory
    on the fly and not compile it ???
    hello Joshua you seem to be good with this WIFI thing
    would it work or do i have to run bart PE maker to compile it then burn cd then run the PEtoUSB
    to copy it back to USB.???

  3. Question ?Booting from USB stick using Compro

    Posted 17 Aug 2008

    Hello again,

    Just a quick question regarding making a bootable UBCD4Win on a memory stick
    using Compro method posted in the pined section above.

    does the BIOS need to support USB booting ????


    regards Ben
  4. Free Sofware Hamachi

    Posted 4 Jun 2008

    @ rdsok,
    Hello Again , here is a very useful software which could be included in UBCD4WIN called hamachi :
    at the moment it is free but is bein purchased by a company called LogMeIn
    -------------------------- ------------------

    “Safely connect 2 computers via p2p”

    With Hamachi you can organize two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication. Access computers remotely, use Windows file sharing, play LAN games, run private Web or FTP servers, communicate directly, stay connected. With Hamachi you can do all you want.

    Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking application with an open security architecture and NAT-to-NAT traversal capabilities. It is the first application to mix seemingly unrelated networking technologies in one powerful package to deliver an unprecedented level of peer-to-peer connectivity.

    Hamachi is secure. All Hamachi communications are encrypted and authenticated with industry-standard algorithms and protocols. Nobody will be able to see what two Hamachi peers are talking about. However what is equally important - Hamachi security architecture is completely open, meaning that its detailed description is can be reviewed by anyone interested.

    A special effort went into designing and polishing Hamachi user interface. The result is sleek, simple and intuitive, while still very much functional. Hamachi software contains no spyware, bannerware or any other -ware unrelated to its purpose.
    -------------------------- -------------------------
    Regards Ben
  5. New Excellant Software works with UBCD4WIN

    Posted 23 Feb 2008

    All these GUI excellent programs work without Plugins IN UBCD4Win:

    1.File Photo Recovery and Secure Deletion
    http://kmanpro.com/T... itionerv2.0.zip
    3. Defrager

    BY People who wrote CCleaner

    Regards Ben

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