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  1. In Topic: USB boot without bios support

    Posted 28 Nov 2009

    Zug Zug
  2. In Topic: USB boot without bios support

    Posted 30 Apr 2009

    Hi All,

    Are we still on V1.0.44 ?

    I currently have a ubusb locked up with a "Formatting... (Not Responding)" Header that I cant close, even with Task Manager and "end process tree" I tried to cancel it by closing so I probably caused the error but id still like to clear the process. Unfortunatly I have overwritten the log.


    Does anyone have any experiance or work around for a failure to boot with just the letter "J" on the screen, ive tried all combos of fat16/32 and different sizes both with a USB HDD and a 1024 flashdrive. The pc is a Fujitsu with a GA-8STSCFS P4 2.53

  3. In Topic: USB boot without bios support

    Posted 24 Feb 2009

    Just a quick test report.

    I left open a copy of explorer browsing one of the folders on my FlashDrive and UBUSB spotted it and gave me the choice of closing it manually or doing it for me, i chose the latter and it correctly closed the explorer window without dumping the other 5 explorer windows.

    Thats a nice addition to the program.

    Hope all is well
  4. In Topic: USB boot without bios support

    Posted 6 Jan 2009

    Happy New Year to all involved in this project.

    Is the "special-files" folder still used to include the "Win2k3" files as with earlier builds?

    Now that UBUSB is a single self contained exe it no longer drops the "special-files" folder with the "Readme" file explaining its presence, new users who start midway through this topic or skip through the posts will probably have no knowledge of this option.
    My apologies if the answer to my first question is No as there would be no need.
  5. In Topic: USB boot without bios support

    Posted 18 Dec 2008

    It was my PC, After many reboots and BSOD's i finaly started uninstalling s/w

    It turns out I had a copy of PCTools Spyware Doctor installed but deactivated - as soon as I uninstalled it the problem was solvered!

    Sorry for wasting you time, The problem was a direct conflict between vdk and spyware doctor. :surrender:

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