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Users emails to me:

This is only a small fraction of the emails I have received from users over the past few years. I will continue to update this page as time permits and ask users permission to post their emails, posts, and PM's to me. As you can tell by the lack of content on this page, I am more concerned with developming the project and releasing new versions.

I would like to commend you on the excellent job you did with UBCD4Win. It is an excellent tool that already helped me recover some files from a hard drive that had a partial crash. This is a tool that should have come with the Windows XP CD, since the latter crashes so often !!! I was amazed, since the program easily identified all my hardware components which vary from wireless USB mice, removable hard drives, a large LCD monitor and a PC with a lot of bells and whistles (I am a gadgetarian, so I buy the latest gadgets as soon as they are available). Kudos to you !!
I will go online to donate something to your group via Paypal, but I wanted to tell you in person what I felt when I completed the task. Your documentation is also excellent !!! I wish most software writers would follow your lead !!
Keep up the good work !! With talented men like you and the group of people that helps you, Bill Gates should worry, since it is only a matter of time until someone comes up with a leaner replacement for Windows which does not tries to take over their life!!
12/06- Paul in FL

Thank you for the project it truly has been a blessing to me and has blessed many others also indirectly as I am able to do repairs with little or no extra effort. I have also been leaving a copy at each of the sites and actually have been able to walk people through repairs over the phone.

This project deserves a round of applause. The product performs as advertised and exceeds my expectations. Support is top notch. My post was treated with respect and, although the solution was right under my nose and I eventually solved the problem myself, I did receive important feedback that prompted me to dig deeper to find the answer.
Keep up the great work. The support experience could not have been better.

I would like to say that  you do a great job of balancing your job, family and this project I totally understand where you are coming from I think that everyone that uses UBCD4win understands this and if they don't well to bad !!! they should be grateful that someone like you is willing to do something like this your cd has helped me out a bunch. Again thank you for your time and dedication and help.

Hey man, just wanted you to know that there are a lot of people out there that really love this thing. Right now, I'm a student going back to school to get my BS in CompSci, but before I was in school I repaired computers and see how good of a project this is. I would have killed for something like this, as it would have given me more hours to slack off at work!!

That's an absolutely fantastic project you have created here.
I downloaded pebuilder and your UBC4Win-file, slipstreamed sp1 into XP manually (both were already stored in separate folders on my PC) and had pebuilder create an ISO-file and automatically burn the CD. Even though I did everything on my desktop there was not a single problem and the CD turned out to be working perfectly fine at the first try.

If this project has helped you or you find it very useful please consider donating.

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