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Special Thanks


My deepest appreciation to the following people:

This list is not complete so if you are left out please do not become offended. Your time, help, or donation is greatly appreciated so please just give me time to update this list. If you donated and aren't listed, please contact me I may have accidentally missed you or haven't had time to update this page.

First I need to thank my Family. My wife for not divorcing me and my boys for not hating me after the past 4 years (and future years) of neglect from their father while I've been working on this project. They all know I deeply love them but also understand I must work on my "new" baby at the same time. I Love you!

Donations have come in many forms. Some users donate their time to help with the project, some share their bandwidth so others can download the project, we have received some hardware donations, and others show appreciation by sending us a little money. Everything is always greatly appreciated so I take a little time out of my schedule to thank them with emails, phone calls, and with this page. Thanks to everyone, if people didn't give back to us for our hard work.....this project wouldn't continue to grow!


Monetary Donations

Many people have made donations through PayPal or have mailed us checks. In the past I had a list of the donations on this page. Because a majority of the donators want to be anonymous I have decided to not keep the list anymore. We greatly appreciate all donations made to the project and you will still receive a "thank you" email from me when you send one. I do want to note also that there have been a few times when we really needed donations. We held "rallies" to raise the funds for a license for IPB, Bart PE, RAM Disk, and for new systems for a few members of our development team. All times the users of the project pulled through and helped us get the funds we needed. I am very greatful that the users of the project appreciate it and our work enough to give what they can when we need it.

Hardware Donations

There have been a few hardware donations made to the project. The most significant two came during the middle of 2006. A member of the development team and myself were in great need for laptops. In May 06 I received my P3 1GHz Dell laptop from a user of the project. In June 06 I then received a P4 1.6GHz Toshiba laptop that I sent to a member of the development team. I thank both of these great guys for their awesome hardware donations!! My life is a lot easier now that I am mobile.

Project "mentions":


Ed Rudell - Thank you for interviewing me about this project on your show "The Internet Advisors." I had a really good time being on the show and appreciate that you found the project and wanted to interview me. Hopefully this has helped more people find the project.


10/05- My first "live" presentation for the project. Before this presentation I had never done any type of public speaking or presentation. I was very nervous but everything went well. This presentation was for the local chapter of HTCIA.Thank you for the opportunity!

6/06- I did a presentation of the project for Dayton Microcomputer Association.

10/06- This will be another presentation for HTCIA. However this time it is for their international meeting being held in Cleveland, Ohio.


This project has been in several magazines!! I am still trying to gather the old emails and images I received from users who found the project thanks to it being in a magazine. I am pretty sure we have been in an Australian, Italian, and another magazine in the past.

3/05- The project was mentioned in "Quale Computer" an Italian magazine.

10/06- The project is once again being reviewed in an international magazine. Once it is released I will be allowed to provide more details.

Other Contributions:

Paul Lawrence - created the wallpaper for the CD and a few graphics on the site. This really helped since I am not artistically inclined. New updated images are on the site, available for download, and will be included in future versions. Thank you again Paul for redoing them.

LittlBUGer - has helped greatly with answering questions in the forum, so I made him a Moderator. He has also been a mirror site for the download since 6/24/04. In 2/05 he took over the "drivers" download for me. This saved me a lot of time and has helped me focus on project development and helping users who contact me for help. Your extra work is greatly appreciated!!

SebastienG - providing update support for the tools included in the project. I do not always find out when the newest versions of our tools are released, well at least until SebastienG emails me a list that is! He also helped in the "List of Tools" page greatly. He provided the information and I created the page. Please do not attribute the lack of information on that mentioned page to him, it is basically me not having time to update the page in a timely manner due to my busy schedule.

DigiWiz - contributed a lot of time to the release of 2.0 by helping greatly with the addition of GeoShell to the project.

Stidyup - has posted a lot of useful information and suggestions in the forum so he has also joined the moderating team.7/15/04

Anonymous - purchased the domain for 2 years in my name. Thanks again for the early Christmas present!!11/5/04

Beta testers team - I thank them for being willing to help the project more and spend some of their free time on the project. I look forward to their feedback on betas for the project and I'm sure they will make future releases a lot better! 5/05

Software Contributions:

Raptor (from Neowin) - for being kind enough to create an application to help us with this project, AUTOSTREAMER!! -7/9/04

LinaSoft - donating a copy of their awesome Auto Play Menu Builder software for future development of this project -7/21/04

Nir Sofer - adding a command line parameter to Windows Update List so that it would work in BPE -8/2/04

Esma Systems - activation file for their software that is included in this project. Freeware tool that asks to be registered before being used. I emailed them and asked for a code/file to make this application work for everyone when building this project without the hassle of registration -8/7/04

WinRAR - donating a copy of their awesome compression software to help the development and to make the downloads easier for the project - 2/4/05

G.D.G. Software - giving me several "discounts" on their great HTML compiler software. Thanks for the discounts and help in your forum - 6/25/05

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