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UBCDOrdering the "original" Ultimate Boot CD on CD


Ordering the "original" Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD is completely freeware, and can be downloaded from Victor's site for free at:
However to help people that are unable to download the CD, I offer as a service the bootable CD for a low fee. Recently I have been also sending it out on a bootable USB flash drive for just a few dollars more (to cover the cost of the drive). Sorry but I am having a hard time finding affordable 256MB or 512MB drives, so I am forced to move up to 1GB drives now. Currently I am sending out 1GB Lexar drives. Keep in mind that some programs will not run from the USB Flash drive.

I have finally finished up my Burrows Solutions ordering site. I have been wanting to do something like this for a very long time, probably close to 2 years now. This new website was created with all of you in mind. On occasion people order UBCD4Win and UBCD at the same time. With the old ordering method you paid shipping twice while I sent out both orders in the same mailer. You also now have the chance to choose other shipping methods. So now with the Burrows Solutions site you can order whatever you wish and you will save money on shipping. I also carry other hardware items at great prices. While you are there to purchase a CD from me, check out some of my great prices on other items!!

Please order now from the Burrows Solutions website:

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