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Ordering UBCD4Win on CD


Ordering the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows®

UBCD for Windows® is completely freeware, and can be downloaded from this site for free. However to help people that are unable to download the project, I offer as a service the project files on CD. This project is copyrighted and is not distributable through any means except from my Burrows Solutions website!! There are many "con artists" selling illegal copies of this project, they will have their accounts removed when I find them and report their activities to eBay! Lawsuits can and will be filed against severe abuse.

The project CD that I ship includes:

The project files and our UBCD4Win PE Builder are necessary to build the project CD. SP2 and AutoStreamer are included for slipstreaming purposes. CDBurner XP Pro is a great freeware CD Burning application, I personally use it everyday. It is included also in case a user doesn't have CD Burning software on their system already.

Unfortunatley I cannot provide a "ready to go" CD because of copyright laws, etc. You can always email me if you have questions or need assistance when building the project. The forum is also a great place to ask questions, there are a lot of knowledgeable and helpful members that will probably be able to answer your questions.

I offer several different options for ordering the project on CD. All CD orders are sent in bubble mailers to help protect them in transit.

SPECIAL NOTICE: 4/7/09- Please not that when placing your order after today that it will NOT be shipped until 4/20/09.
I expect that we will be releasing 3.50 next week so I figure most people who order would like to wait for the newest version. If you need the CD(s) before this date--PLEASE Contact me after placing your order. If you want to wait for the 3.50 release then pay now and do nothing, you will be added to the waiting list. On Monday the 20th I will be shipping out all orders.

UPDATE: 4/21/09- Version 3.50 has finally been released. All orders will be shipped within the next 3-4 days.
UPDATE:4/28/09- Sorry, I thought I posted this but guess I didn't. All orders that had been waiting were all shipped last week on Thursday and Friday (4/23&24). All orders since then have been shipping daily.

I have finally finished up my Burrows Solutions ordering site. I have been wanting to do something like this for a very long time, probably close to 2 years now. This new website was created with all of you in mind. On occasion people order UBCD4Win and UBCD at the same time. With the old ordering method you paid shipping twice while I sent out both orders in the same mailer. You also now have the chance to choose other shipping methods. So now with the Burrows Solutions site you can order whatever you wish and you will save money on shipping. I also carry other hardware items at great prices. While you are there to purchase a CD from me, check out some of my great prices on other items!!

Please order now from the Burrows Solutions website:


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