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Tripleboot Knoppix+UBCD4Win+UBCD from USB flashdrive

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    Posted 10 September 2008 - 09:54 AM

    MOAT - Mother Of All Thumbdrives
    From a single USB flash drive (UFD) / thumbdrive, boot:
    - UBCD4Win v3.20 (http://www.ubcd4win.com/)
    - UBCD v4.11 (http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/)
    - Knoppix v5.1.1 (http://knopper.net/k...ix/index-en.html)

    • Need fast thumbdrive, have tested with 2G OCZ Rally2 (need to remove some big modules from UBCD4Win) & 4G OCZ Rally2.

    • Start with UBCD4Win
      • Install & do updates as you would for building a CD.
        i. Optionally - update spybot (http://www.safer-networking.org) from 1.5.2 by copying all files from the program directory of a working, installed copy to C:\UBCD4Win\plugin\AntiSpyware\Spybot\. You can edit the .inf file to reflect new version instead of 1.5.2.

      • Build - no ISO output necessary.

      • Replace all instances (it may not be necessary to replace every instance; I didn't test) of ntdetect.com, setupldr.bin, and ramdrive.sy_ / ramdrive.sys in the C:\UBCD4Win\ tree with the equivalent files from Windows Server 2003 SP1 or SP2 (or greater?)
        • I've heard SP1 files should work, I only tested with SP2.

        • W2K3SP1 or 2 files are older than the XPSP3 files, but they can handle USB booting.

        • Download from http://www.microsoft.com, and run <NameOfSPFile> -x to extract the entire service pack to a directory, then pick out the files you need.

      • The following is adapted from http://www.ubcd4win.com/...?showtopic=9630, with corrections/notes made.
        i. As admin, run PEtoUSB (http://gocoding.com/...USB_3.0.0.7.zip). I've only tested using "Enable Disk Format" / "Quick format"; it may work some other way.
        ii. This will get you to a booting system on the flash drive, but it boots the NT way, not the syslinux way (i.e. no menu to choose UBCD4Win/UBCD/Knoppix).
        iii. Run syslinux.exe -s -d /syslinux X:, where X: is your flash drive. I used v3.71, later is probably OK/better. Download from http://www.kernel.or.../boot/syslinux/.
        iv. Don't bother with downloading the "boot menu" files he lists. (But see note below***)
        v. Copy cat.c32, chain.c32, menu.c32, reboot.c32, and vesamenu.c32 from the syslinux you downloaded to the thumdrive's /syslinux/. (The .c32 files are small utility programs that run when called from by syslinux)

      • Try booting the windows environment. If you get a BSOD, verify that all instances of ntdetect.com, setupldr.bin, and ramdrive.sy_ / ramdrive.sys on the thumbdrive are from the W2K3 service pack.

    • Add UBCD
      • Use the CD or extract the files from the .ISO.

      • Copy all of the directories from the root of the CD / .ISO to the thumbdrive, except /isolinux/ and /syslinux/. /images/ will overlap with your existing /images/ directory, and that's fine. The filenames don't conflict, just the directory name.

      • Make backup copy of thumbdrive's /syslinux/syslinux.cfg. Edit /syslinux/syslinux.cfg
        i. Add the following stanza:
          MENU LABEL Launch "The Ultimate Boot CD (DOS)"
          KERNEL menu.c32
          APPEND /menus/main.cfg

        ii. Optionally, for better compatibility, change DEFAULT vesamenu.c32 (graphic menu) to DEFAULT menu.c32 (text menu) and remove the line MENU BACKGROUND LOGO.PNG.
        iii. Optionally customize MENU TABMSG & MENU TITLE.
        iv. Optionally remove TIMEOUT 200.

      • Make a backup copy of the thumdrive's /menus/main.cfg. Edit /menus/main.cfg to include this stanza:
        LABEL back
           MENU LABEL Back to main menu
           KERNEL menu.c32
           APPEND /syslinux/syslinux.cfg

    • Add Knoppix
      • Copy the \KNOPPIX\ directory from the Knoppix CD to the root of the USB drive.

      • Copy the \boot\isolinux\ directory from the CD / .ISO to \KNOPPIX\isolinux\ on the thumbdrive. (This invalidates every entry in the knoppix menu, but that's easy to fix w/a global search & replace)

      • Edit the thumbdrive's /syslinux/syslinux.cfg to include the following stanza:
        LABEL knoppix
          MENU LABEL Launch Knoppix
          KERNEL menu.c32
          APPEND /KNOPPIX/isolinux/knoppix.cfg

      • Copy the thumbdrive's /KNOPPIX/isolinux/isolinux.cfg to /KNOPPIX/isolinux/knoppix.cfg

      • Edit /KNOPPIX/isolinux/knoppix.cfg
        i. Global search for KERNEL linux & replace with KERNEL /KNOPPIX/isolinux/linux
        ii. Global search for initrd=minirt.gz & replace with initrd=/KNOPPIX/isolinux/minirt.gz
        iii. Insert the following stanza at the top of the stanza list
                 LABEL back
                         MENU LABEL Back to main menu
                         KERNEL menu.c32
                         APPEND /syslinux/syslinux.cfg

        iv.Optionally delete the TIMEOUT 300 line.
        v.Optionally customize MENU TABMSG & MENU TITLE.
        vi.Optionally make at least some cheat codes available. (Probably better to add your favorite cheat codes as a new stanza)
        • Add the following stanza
          LABEL cheat
             MENU LABEL Cheatcodes (See note below)
             KERNEL cat.c32
             APPEND /KNOPPIX/mycheats.txt
             TEXT HELP
             This *EXITS* the menu system. Type 'menu.c32 syslinux.cfg' to return.

        • Copy the thumbdrive's /KNOPPIX/knoppix-cheatcodes.txt to /KNOPPIX/mycheats.txt, and edit /KNOPPIX/mycheats.txt so it's no more than 24 (prettier) or 25 (more info) lines.

    From the UBCD4Win menu, "Memtest86" and "NTFS for DOS" don't work, but that's OK because UBCD (DOS) supplies them - either ignore those options, delete the stanzas, or edit the stanzas to point to the UBCD equivalent.
    ***The "Windows" Recovery Console" doesn't work either, maybe that is fixed by the bootfiles from http://www.ubcd4win.com/...?showtopic=9630? I'll let somebody else test that.

    For those who care, UBCD4Win goes first because USB-booting Windows is flaky (if I hadn't found PEtoUSB I don't think I'd have ever got it). Once that's running, it's pretty easy to add non-Windows syslinux/isolinux apps.

    There's a lot of work left to "pretty-fy" the menu system; maybe the next person can upload some of that work here. Here's my mycheats.txt: (those superscript "3"s are ascii vertical lines)
    knoppix dma --  DMA access for all IDE  knoppix toram - CD->RAM & run from RAM 
    knoppix wheelmouse - - - -  Use IMPS/2  knoppix nowheelmouse -- Use plain PS/2 
    knoppix vga=normal - X, no framebuffer  knoppix 2 -- Runlevel 2, Textmode only 
    knoppix acpi=off -- Fully Disable ACPI  knoppix acpi=force - - FORCE ACPI Bios 
    knoppix pci=bios                                                         Workaround for bad PCI controllers 
    knoppix ide2=0x180 nopcmcia - - - - -  Boot from PCMCIA-CD-Rom (some notebooks) 
    knoppix pci=irqmask=0x0e98 -- Try if PS/2 mouse doesn't work on a (esp. laptop) 
    knoppix mem=nnnM - - (ucase M) Maybe fix "Panic: cannot mount root file system" 
    knoppix no{apic,agp,apm,audio,ddc,dhcp,fstab,firewire,pcmcia,scsi,swap,udev} 
    knoppix no{usb,usb2}                               Kill USB entirely, or just 2.x extension 
    knoppix noideraid - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  Disable IDE-Raiddisk detection 
    knoppix pnpbios=off                                                               No PnP Bios initialization 
    knoppix xmodule=ati|fbdev|i810|mga|nv|radeon|savage|s3|radeon|svga|i810 
    knoppix desktop=fluxbox|gnome|icewm|lg3d|larswm|openbox|twm|wmaker|xfce|xfce4 
    knoppix floppyconfig                                                     Run "knoppix.sh" from a floppy 
    knoppix myconf=/dev/sda1 - - - - - - - - - -  Run "knoppix.sh" from a partition 
    knoppix myconf=scan (or config=scan)     Try to find "knoppix.sh" automatically 
    knoppix home=/mnt/sda1/knoppix.img - - - - Mount loopback file as /home/knoppix 
    knoppix home=scan                                                 Automatic search for knoppix homedir 
    knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1/KNX.iso - - - - - Access image, boot from ISO-Image. 
    knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1 -- Access Image then boot from previously copied ISO 
                                                                                     (enables booting from NTFS / ReiserFS)

    Dan Stieneke

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      Posted 11 November 2008 - 06:51 PM

      After i have built this and got it all working...

      do i have to do this procedure each time i want to change something or is there an easier way?

      lets say i want to add a floppy image to ubcd, or changing something in ubcd4win.

      right now it seems the only way to do that is to rebuild each time

      but goin thru this article can be time consuming at least for me.

      any help is appreciated.

      Tripleboot Knoppix+UBCD4Win+UBCD from USB flashdrive

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        Posted 02 February 2009 - 02:02 PM


        I just want to say thank you to the author, this saved me alot of time, I used to pay for ERD commander, and now this is so much better.

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          Posted 03 February 2009 - 02:01 PM

          Thanks for the post!

          FYI, I successfully used the Ultimate Boot USB utility v1.0.38 to format my 32g Kingston Data Traveler (FAT32-LBA) with the Syslinux boot loader.

          Proud MOAT user.

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            Posted 21 February 2009 - 03:07 AM

            I'm using exactly the same Kingston DataTraveler (good price for the storage size, and small physical size - perfect for my pockets). But I have a problem: When programs from the UBCD are chosen in the menu, they are unpacked, but they do not start. I only get a command line prompt (the station is Q). I use the Vesamenu, because with the regular menu I didn't get anywhere (I came back to the original menu every time). Here's one of the menus:
            MENU INCLUDE /menus/defaults.cfg
            LABEL back
                    MENU LABEL ..
                    KERNEL vesamenu.c32
                    APPEND /menus/filesys.cfg
            LABEL ranish
                    MENU LABEL Ranish Partition Manager V2.40
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=ranish
            LABEL fdisk
                    MENU LABEL Free FDISK V1.3.0
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=fdisk
            LABEL spfdisk
                    MENU LABEL SPFDISK 2000-03t (Special FDISK)
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=spfdisk
            LABEL xfdisk
                    MENU LABEL XFDISK V0.9.3 beta (Extended FDISK)
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=xfdisk
            LABEL cpm
                    MENU LABEL Cute Partition Manager V0.9.5
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=cpm
            LABEL superfd
                    MENU LABEL PTDD Super Fdisk V1.0
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/superfd.igz
            LABEL presizer
                    MENU LABEL Partition Resizer V1.3.4
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=presizer
            LABEL fips
                    MENU LABEL FIPS V2.0
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=fips
            LABEL pr
                    MENU LABEL [email protected] Partition Recovery V2.1.1 (Demo)
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=pr
            LABEL testdisk
                    MENU LABEL TestDisk V6.6 (Check/undelete)
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=testdisk
            LABEL savepart
                    MENU LABEL Partition Saving V3.40
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=savepart
            LABEL mbrtool
                    MENU LABEL MBRtool V2.3.100
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=mbrtool
            LABEL mbrwork
                    MENU LABEL MBRWork V1.07b
                    KERNEL memdisk
                    APPEND initrd=/images/dosubcd.igz ubcdcmd=mbrwork

            I'd really appreciate help, so I can go on to the next stop, to put in some kind of Linux live CD distro. I may go with Slax, since the Knoppix is so old.

            Edit: Changed the code to one of those I have tried and know for sure is broken. I did a bunch of random testing without noting what I tried (must have been 10-15 different, none worked), but I am 100 % shure that Ranish Partition Manager was one of the items I tried.

            This post has been edited by Mastiff: 21 February 2009 - 03:17 AM


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              Posted 04 March 2009 - 11:03 AM

              Ok.. dumb question:

              Is the "ramdrive.sys" that I'm supposed to replace "ramdisk.sys"? When I assume, I get myself in trouble!! :)



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                Posted 23 June 2009 - 11:48 AM

                View Postoldmuttonhead, on Mar 4 2009, 10:03 AM, said:

                Ok.. dumb question:

                Is the "ramdrive.sys" that I'm supposed to replace "ramdisk.sys"? When I assume, I get myself in trouble!! :)



                Sorry it's taken so long - I don't come back often.

                Yes, the docs should say ramdisk.sy_ and ramdisk.sys.

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